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Dwellings in rural areas may take special approvals. Dwellings on lands zoned for forest use can be extremely complex and difficult. We have some of the best background for dwelling approvals in Southern Oregon.

Forest dwellings may require access approvals from the Bureau of Land Management, evaluation of other established dwellings in the near vicinity, review of wildlife habitat issues, wildfire mitigation plans and impacts to surrounding forest uses. The complex dwelling approval process is established by the state of Oregon with a number of different options for approval. We match your unique circumstances to the options available to give you the best chance for approval. Our firm can assist you in siting your dwelling and providing the documentation needed for approval for your dwelling. In some cases we work with engineers to provide erosion control plans or foresters to evaluate timber characteristics to meet local and state requirements for dwelling approval. If your dream is to live in the tall timber lands of Oregon, we can help you in securing approval of your dream house.